design LAB is one of the world’s preeminent private-label designers and manufacturers of pet and theme-park merchandise . The company has expertise in a wide breadth of products and focuses primarily on designing, merchandising, manufacturing and shipping entire collections across multiple categories – mainly for large customers.

A sizeable portion of design LAB’s focus is on continuously creating groundbreaking pet and theme-park products. Its designers work directly with clients to help conceive and realize the customer’s brand vision. design LAB specializes in designing products custom-tailored to the individual needs of its clients, providing them with exclusivity and products designed specifically for demographic niche of each customer.

design LAB maintains a highly skilled staff of designers, artists and engineers whose innovative ideas are the driving force behind the company’s success. The firm’s myriad suppliers include a large number of facilities throughout Southeast Asia as well as selected sites in India. During production, goods are monitored continuously by employees based in Shanghai, Hong Kong and California to ensure customer satisfaction not only with design and production quality but with the company’s service as well.